Pumpkin carving

I haven’t posted more 2D illustration, but that doesn’t mean nothing’s been going on! I’ll be updating that side of things, but in the meantime here are my pumpkin carvings. I started doing these during Hallowe’en 2007, so I still haven’t done that many but I try to add something I haven’t tried before each time I do it. I use a kitchen knife for the holes, a skewer or chopstick for the nasal passages and all other skinning and carving is done with a small craft knife.

The carvings, in reverse chronological order (click the images to see a larger version):

2009, Hallowe’en Saturday for Bill’s CafĂ©, North Road, Brighton

Sorry, I took very bad photos with a borrowed camera and these are the only usable ones (and they’re still a bit blurry and strange-looking, but I’m hoping some kind souls may have better pictures than these for me soon). Apologies too to anybody who asked me how many of these I’d done and got the answer “six”: I hadn’t had much sleep, and I’d forgotten a couple. “Seven and a half” would have been a more accurate answer.

2009, Thursday night before Hallowe’en, for my sister

Progress shots, from start to finish:

Final (empty shell):

Final (with electric light inside):

Final (with tea-light candles inside):

2008, in Brighton, for my nephew

2008, in Brighton, for my nephew (very small, matchbox-sized)*

*the pumpkin, not my nephew

2008, in Montreal, for Melissa

2007, in Montreal, for Melissa

and,the very first one I did, as a small-scale practice run:

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