No, really this time. My final pumpkin: Kong

Still trying to get truly satisfactory shots, but these are OK for now. I’ll edit the post later if I improve on these.

Click to enlarge:

More photos of that third pumpkin…

… hopefully the last one for the year, for the sake of my fingertips. Note for next year: latex gloves.

Final set of photos were taken with the pumpkin seated on my hospital x-ray viewer.

Third pumpkin 2010

Preliminary shots of my third pumpkin. Will add better shots later, and may tweak the sculpture a little too.

Click to view large:

First two pumpkins of 2010

Two pumpkins made for the Brighton branch of Dr. Sketchy‘s Hallowe’en show.

One of them features several firsts for me: typography, scrolls and flowers, all in the same design. I call the other lad Macaulay Pumpkin.

T-shirts and desktop wallpaper for Amon Tobin

My t-shirts went on sale at Amon Tobin’s website today.

I was given a blank slate with the design of this shirt, but there were natural restrictions. The design would have to reflect Amon’s music in some way, and to make a good screenprint I would need to be aware of the limitations of the medium with regard to thickness of lines.

Previous designers have created a wide range of artwork for Amon, but there are certain themes which have been used repeatedly. Amon’s got quite a range to his sound: he’s most well known for his darker, more menacing work but his music is often very light and melodic. It’s not surprising that so many artists have used robotic themes for his artwork given that many of Amon’s tracks make you think of sinuous machinery, but another side to his sound is reminiscent of something ancient. I wanted to depict both of these aspects in my design. Also, although Amon was actually born in Brazil and identifies as Brazilian, he sounds like a well-spoken Englishman due to growing up in Britain.

I pooled all of these ideas, and decided to base my work on the Windsor Coat Of Arms. I considered creating my design digitally with Paths in Photoshop, but I realised that part of what makes the original work is that it’s not highly accurate so I decided to use pencil and pen instead. I was also concerned that too much accuracy might make certain details jump out as mirrored pairs – perfect layouts can create a kind of invisible grid. Luckily I’ve got a lightbox (well I say it’s a lightbox, although it does look a lot like a hospital x-ray viewer, and I suppose it does have the word “HOSPITAL” moulded into the plug… but really, the similarities end there). This meant I could simply tape paper over a printout of the Windsor coat of arms and get to work. My version trades various heraldic details for computer audio components, and I made his robots’ heads so that they can be seen to have the long shape of a horse/unicorn, but also contain an area with the shape of a bird’s beak (thus changing the lion into a griffon).

I also made the digital painting above for the desktop wallpaper versions:

4:3 aspect ratio

1280 x 960
1400 x 1050
1600 x 1200
1920 x 1440

16:10 aspect ratio (widescreen)

1280 x 800
1440 x 900
1680 x 1050
1920 x 1200
2560 x 1600

16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen)

1280 x 720
1600 x 900
1920 x 1080
2048 x 1152
2560 x 1440

iPhone/iPod Touch

Generations 1-3
Generation 4



Sketchbook pages: a bee

First sketch with new tin of Derwent “Drawing” pencils. The “Artist” range have brighter colours, but the “Drawing” selection have a unique waxy texture when blended which is completely unlike other pencils.

Pumpkin carving

I haven’t posted more 2D illustration, but that doesn’t mean nothing’s been going on! I’ll be updating that side of things, but in the meantime here are my pumpkin carvings. I started doing these during Hallowe’en 2007, so I still haven’t done that many but I try to add something I haven’t tried before each time I do it. I use a kitchen knife for the holes, a skewer or chopstick for the nasal passages and all other skinning and carving is done with a small craft knife.

The carvings, in reverse chronological order (click the images to see a larger version):

2009, Hallowe’en Saturday for Bill’s CafĂ©, North Road, Brighton

Sorry, I took very bad photos with a borrowed camera and these are the only usable ones (and they’re still a bit blurry and strange-looking, but I’m hoping some kind souls may have better pictures than these for me soon). Apologies too to anybody who asked me how many of these I’d done and got the answer “six”: I hadn’t had much sleep, and I’d forgotten a couple. “Seven and a half” would have been a more accurate answer.

2009, Thursday night before Hallowe’en, for my sister

Progress shots, from start to finish:

Final (empty shell):

Final (with electric light inside):

Final (with tea-light candles inside):

2008, in Brighton, for my nephew

2008, in Brighton, for my nephew (very small, matchbox-sized)*

*the pumpkin, not my nephew

2008, in Montreal, for Melissa

2007, in Montreal, for Melissa

and,the very first one I did, as a small-scale practice run:


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